1960s Fashion Essay

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1960s Fashion: a Historical Symbol of Love, Peace, and Revolution "Be sure to wear flowers in your hair"1 (...), that is how Scott McKenzie's song "San Francisco," released in 1976, showed that love and peace were never practized in a warmer and more colorful way, and which was also reflected in the fashion in the hip 1960s. An extraordinary way of dressing was created in times of war, political struggles and emphasis on the individual freedom. Hippies and their fashion have been influencing societies for decades by wearing those famous flared-legs trousers made of cotton or cord pattern in any color imaginable, wide blouses with all-over flower prints or self-knitted bikini tops combined with extra-long skirts or denim hip huggers. Flowers as the symbol of the hippie movement were printed on bags, worn in long, straight, or curly hair and headbands were made out of them, too. Living this attitude towards freedom, love, and peace was also demonstrated in wearing big loose-threaded bags with a peace symbol printed on them, for instance, and over-sized sunglasses were popular, too. It seemed as if this was a mutual tool of creating a community of harmony and longing for affection when dressing that way and a person's political attitude could easily be interpreted by looking at his or her clothes. Fashion industry came to its climax in the late 1960s when denims became an everyday piece of clothing in men's fashion and they were wearing them at work, too. It was a revolutionary time compared with the 1950s for instance, when it came to self-realization and freedom of personality, when women showed up in public in a very unconventional and sexy way in mini-skirts and plateau high heels that could easily arouse society's feelings, either in a positive or negative way. Works cited: 1
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