1960's Music and a Little Bit of Fashion Essay

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1960’s music Folk music from the 1960's influenced the politics of the era more than any other mainstream media. Singers such as Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan sang about hard-hitting issues like Civil Rights and the Vietnam War. These folk vocalists took their songs very seriously which could seen by their emphasis on lyrics while the actual music was background. These songs were a wavelength of media that was never used before to communicate political stances. Bob Dylan's song "Political World”, Counter culture music was a genre created in the 1960's that gave way to new experiences including drug use and "free love." This genre of music first started in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of California and created an entire way of life. Many of these songs contained drug references and were meant to be listened to while under the influence of drugs such as marijuana and LSD. Using these substances was believed to set the mind free from its usual restraints. "These eccentric music festivals exemplified the hippie lifestyle with continuous days of free music, free love, and the lack of responsibility. One of the groups that performed at Woodstock he sixties were when many artists started experimenting with different sound techniques such as distortion and playback. Among the Beatles and the Who, Jimi Hendrix was one of the pioneers in this new world of music. He was left handed but played a right handed guitar "upside down" which let him experiment more with his playing methods. "stick it to the man." This influenced many young people to rebel against their parents, school, the government and its laws. Countless people traded the strict rules of their parents for a road trip with no particular destination. Along the same lines, many students in college dropped out because they realized that a large reason they were in school was because of their parent's wishes.

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