1960 Timeline Summary

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Ryan Keeney 1960’s Timeline: Summary 1960: A civil rights event in which African American students from North Caroline staged a sit in at a whites-only lunch counter in February. Later that year the U-2 incident, pertaining to the Cold War, in which the Soviet Union downed and captured a US spy plane. 1961: JFK was elected president and the Freedom Riders, people who rode buses through the South to challenge segregation, were formed. While this was going on in America, events in the Cold War occurred; the Bay of Pigs, CIA attempts to invade Cuba and is embarrassed, and the construction of the Berlin Wall, which was when East German troops put up a wall to decrease migration from east to west. 1962: A Cold War event known as the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. The Cuban Missile Crisis was when the Soviets put missiles in Cuba, JFK requested the Soviets to remove them, and the Soviets would only do so as long as JFK were to promise not to invade Cuba and remove the US missile bases in Turkey. 1963: JFK established a hotline between the Soviet Union and the White House, sent advisors to Vietnam sparking the involvement of the US in Vietnam, and sent a US led coup to remove the leader of South Vietnam due to his corruption. JFK was assassinated three weeks later on November 22 by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. 1964: Johnson took over for JFK and the 24th amendment was passed which was the abolition of poll tax. Civil Rights Act of 1964 was established which banned discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, and religion in public and a project known as Freedom Summer registered African Americans as voters in Mississippi. Late that year, Johnson was elected as president. 1965: Malcom X was assassinated on February 21, and the Voting Rights Act, which eliminated discriminatory literacy rates making it easier for African Americans to vote. The first sustained
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