1955-1968 Racial Equality

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During the period 1955-1968, great changes has happened on racial equality, although still far from complete racial equality, but still moving towards a society without segregation .These changes were mainly caused because of four factors. First of all is the desegregation on education, fair employment, facilities and so on things. Secondly, is the voting rights, voting rights for black people has gained in the period of 19955-1968, this gave the black people more power in hand in the election, which would gain their status in society. More on is the poverty on black people, more and more black people got jobs , this made black people participate a bigger role in the economic society. Finally, the last main factor is the public support…show more content…
In 1963, having Martin Luther King as the leader, representatives from the SCLC, SNCC, CORE and the NAACP organized 200,000 -300,000 people to join the march on Washington, asking the government for racial equality. And this is when Martin Luther king gave his most famous speech "I Have A Dream", this speech moved a lot of people , which gained public support. As result of the march on Washington, more white supporters has gained, because of the peaceful march on Washington. And the march solidified support for new civil rights legislation which would give the government the power to force southern states to desegregate. During the period there were mainly two Civil Rights Act . The first one is the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this Civil Rights Act legally made segregation illegal.However, segregation still existed in many ways, for example, black children still could't go to white local schools. The act in 1965, demanded black people should have higher education opportunities .This improved the average knowledge of black people, and raised more black people with plasticity. Above is why I think desegregation is the most important factor that led to racial equality achievements during the period
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