1951 Disney Animation and the Alice Created by Tim Burton

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The similarities and differences of the two versions of Alice that was produced for the 1951 Disney animation with the version of Alice created by Tim Burton. From looking at both interpretations of Alice, there are noticeable differences and similarities to their appearances. The differences in their appearances is that Tim Burton’s Alice wears several different and more elaborate outfits nearly every time she changes size, but still maintaing her blue ankle-length gown as her main garment. The Disney Alice however, wears a less detailed outfit with a blue knee-length dress with a white pinafore, white stockings, petticoat, white bloomers, a black hair ribbon and “Mary Jane” style shoes. Another difference is that the Disney Alice is an eleven year old girl and Tim Burton’s Alice being nineteen years old and even old enough to marry. But the most recognizable difference in the two Alice’s is that the Disney Alice is an animated and slightly realistic character whilst Tim Burton’s Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska (Vah-shee-kof-ska). The similarities that we the audience see in both Alice’s, is that both are portrayed as beautiful young woman, with blonde hair, blue eyes with a blue victorian style dress. Despite having a 8 year gap between the two Alice’s, the Disney Alice is well mannered, polite, courteous, and mature with the elegance and gentleness of a woman. This notion is quite different with Tim Burton’s Alice who does not fit well in the upper-class Victorian lifestyle and social structure. Unlike the Disney Alice, Tim Burton’s Alice appears more open-minded making her very opinionated to her surroundings and people around her. This is displayed early on the film when Alice’s mother notified her about not wearing a corset and stockings and how it was proper, but Alice was against this and pointed her opinion towards being proper. Another example is

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