1950's To The 1970's Essay

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From the 1950’s to the 1970’s there were many changes taking place. Those changes including culture, politics, and economy. White men were able to get back to work and provide enough money so women didn’t need to go back to work. A lot of women still wanted to work, but social expectations kept them from doing so. This is where the famous picture of the typical happy housewife came from, although it wasn’t exactly the case. A lot of suburbs began to be developed which allowed kids to stay close to home. Consumerism began to be more popular as well, due to the amount of products that were available. After the improvement of technology a lot of radios and televisions were coming about, as well as other lavish things. But not all of these things were available to everyone. The middle class had the vision of their perfect family, but they were still some living below the poverty line, or just above it. There was still a lot of poverty throughout America, especially to those living in rural areas. Civil rights during the fifties allowed schools to open for blacks as well as whites. African Americans had constant reminders of how they weren’t given the same rights as whites. Whether those reminders be via radio, magazines, or televisions. This enabled them to stand up for themselves and protest for what they deserved, equal rights. During the fifties, it was the beat generation that question how America was run. It was the youths of America questioning it most. University students began to question it as well. They questioned what was considered traditional morals, as well as values, what should be taught in school, and lastly, how to act in public. All of these things, including pressure from minorities, encouraged change. In the fifties the economy seemed to be in a much better state than in the seventies. The economy was worse in the seventies because of the

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