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1950's Essay

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  • on April 6, 2013
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AP English
13 April 2012
1950’s Literature Essay
Many literatures written by many authors have deep meanings behind each poem or story that reflects a certain time period this poem Little Exercise written by Elizabeth Bishop which Elizabeth Bishop is writing this poem to a lover which resemble how in the 1950’s teenagers were mostly into love. Another thing is there is a sense of a glooming feeling to the poem. Also this poem Hawthorne written by Robert Lowell also through tones and diction is a way to show how this poem reflects the 1950’s.
The poem Little Exercise which is written by Elizabeth Bishop reflects the times of the 1950’s of the wars going on. This time period was known to make many families lose their loves ones and might never see them again. During the 1950’s it was a time where the Cold War was going on and men being drafted resembling “little palm trees all stuck in rows” (Bishop) for the war. The Korean War was happening during this time period as well it was “another part of the field” (Bishop) soldiers fighting to serve their country. Much brutal action goes on during the war leaving scarred minds forever. Soldiers “lying out there unresponsive to the lightning in dark” (Bishop).Many wars during this are “badly lit battle-scenes” darkening the minds of the soldiers with brutal images. War is the main theme of this poem it articulates in what way many individuals would have to go off to war to fight for their country.
Also how the poem Little Exercise written by Elizabeth Bishop reflect the 1950s’s by expressing the life of the teenagers during this time just being free. During this time it was known as the Golden Age where teenagers go out just enjoying life and all it had to offer which equals trouble. Many individuals in the 1950’s are usually in the stage of women going out to party out in the “broken sidewalks with weeds in every crack” (Bishop). Moreover go do sexual activities with the males leaving them...

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