1950's-1970's Events Essay

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The Korean War Events: 1. Syngman Rhee: He was the very fist president of South Korea whom was regarded as an Anti-Communist and a strong man. He led South Korea through the Korean War. He wanted to become the leader of unified Korea. 2. Martin Letter: The martin letter was created by General MacArthur who had suggested to attack China itself through bombing communist forces massing north of the Chinese border. In this letter MacArthur expressed his unhappiness to House Republican leader Joseph W. Martin, which stated “There is no substitute for victory.” (University of Phoenix) 3.General MacArthur: Was appointed by Truman to command the overwhelmingly American UN operations in Korea. 4. NSC-68: This report was issued by the United States National Security Council on April 14, 1950 during the presidency of Harry S. Truman. It is known to be one of the most significant statements of American policy in the Cold War. This helped coordinate better the national security policies. 5. 38th parallel: It was a dividing line for Korea in 1896. On June 1950, a series of cross border raids occurred along with gun firing from both the North and South, therefore North Koreans crossed the parallel and invaded South Korea. The Fabulous Fifties Events: 1. Disneyland: It was created by Walt Disney who dreamed of an activity park that had things for both children and parents to do. Disneyland was full of fantasies, happiness. It was meant for everyone to enter a place of magic and leave all their problems behind while they enjoyed this magical place. 2. Mc Donald’s: Created fast food chains which revolutionized the restaurant industry and changed farming and food distribution businesses. 3. I Love Lucy: In the 1950’s television was an insistently domestic medium, a showed filled with

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