1950 Social Standing Essay

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Since the 1950’s there has been a lot of change socially and economically. Post 50’s was a time when people were opening up to new things and new ideas about the government. At the end of the 1950’s was when people began to want more things because more things were out there that can contribute to some form of economic stress. Along with that people were more able to know what was going on in the world they had the resources to find things out as the Television and internet came out. Along with knowing more brought out the fact that people became more independent from the government developing their own ideas about how the country should be handled. Though at some point we came out of the great depression I don’t think the world fully recovered because even up to the present date people are still struggling and economically stressed. A lot of the stress is due to the lack of jobs it’s very hard for anyone to find jobs anymore and this was stemmed up form a buildup of a lot of our company’s employing other countries instead of our own. I personally believe that our country is and always has been economically stressed since the 1950’s as the debt on the U.S. continues to rise less and less jobs are available to Americans hard working Americans are stressed and struggled in this country. Since the time when the government became an open window of information through TV< internet and radio, Americans have become less dependent on the government some if not most even doubt the government and often care less who is elected for president due to the fact that for so many years we haven’t been economically satisfied. The stress post 50’s continues

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