1930's Short Story Essay

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Speak with Ease. Andrea Karrys Pops and I came home at the same time this morning, about 3:30. I’ve always managed to make it home before him, I’ve been real good at it, honest, but tonight I met this wonderful man who caused little ol’ me to lose track of time. He was tall and handsome. And he had the greenest of green eyes that I have ever seen. They were the same color as that lovely dress Ma’ wore. Anyway, from the moment he sauntered into the club, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of him. Nor he I. After a while of chit chatin’ with some of the gals, I turned, about to get myself a soda, and there he was. Standing less than a foot away from me, grinning proud like a lion in his black pin-stripped suit and his hat resting so gingerly on his head. “Hey doll, I was wondering if you could do me honor of allowing me to escort you to the dance floor.” The heebie-jeebies ran through my entire body. We danced, we danced, and we danced some more. We danced the Breakaway, the Charleston, the Black Bottom and (my favorite), the Lindy Hop. When we both felt that our feet were about to fall right off, we went to the bar and shared a cherry soda. Yes, cherry soda. Ever since the ban on booze that’s pretty much all I have drinking. I hear that Ralph the bartender has a “backroom” where he’ll sell you some booze for a pretty penny in return. I mean I’d already be in enough trouble if Pops knew I’ve been sneaking out to these clubs all these months; don’t want to give him something else to punish me for. Anyway, Ralph’s stuff is old and Susie has it every now and then and says it tastes like thick rubbing alcohol. But she also told me that there are these places they call speak easies where you can get real good bootleg stuff. Don’t know how they get it and I don’t care. I don’t need to be stepping on anybody else’s toes. But don’t get me wrong, I love being able to come

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