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1920S Information Essay

  • Submitted by: michelleouu
  • on January 30, 2012
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Michelle Ou
1920’s: The Roaring 20’s
Inventions in the 1920’s included the first radio. A man named Alexander Erneston created the first one. The television was also invented with high frequency transmission. In 1923, the hairdryer was invented. It had a flexible hose that was connected to vacuum cleaners at first, which allowed overheating usually. In 1921, William Potts, a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio, invented the traffic light.   Cleveland Moore also invented Band-Aids when his wife was hurt. A man named John Larsen invented the lie detector, which tested heartbeat and breath rate.
Some popular books that were published during the 1920’s included “The New Negro” by Alan Locke and “Sound of the Fury” by William Falker. Other books that became popular were “The Great Gatsby” and “The Side of Paradise.” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. There was also “The Sun Also Rises” by Arnest Hemingway.
During the 1920’s, entertainment would consist of live piano and organ music. Films finally contained soundtracks. “The Jazz Singer” was a popular film, which starred Al Jolson. In 1927, Hollywood became a huge movie center. 800 films would be produced annually. Cartoon characters like Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse became well known throughout the younger generations. In 1920, Ziesfield was declared the most beautiful woman.
Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle, also known as, “Fatty” Arbuckle being accuse of the murder of Virginia Rappe was a scandal. In 1921, a Ms. America pageant was held in Atlantic City. 16-year-old Margaret Gorman won the first Ms. America title. Another scandal was the disappearance of Aimee Semple McPherson, who was a sister of Angelus Temple. Alphonse Capone bootlegged liquor and ran prostitution rings, along with gambling houses. Al’s gang was involved with the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. Capone died of syphilis in prison.

Fashion in the 1920’s consisted of flappers and colorful dresses. The...

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