1920S Essay

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Popular Entertainment of 1920 and Today The media is constantly changing. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and the technology that accompanies the industry is also developing just as rapidly. Social entertainment in the 1920s was a major focus of daily life for people, whereas today entertainment focuses more on instant gratification. Back in the Roaring Twenties, People went out with their friends to be a part of the revolutionary culture. People went to speak-easies, nickelodeons, and jazz clubs. In Jazz clubs people heard some of the best musicians of their time, like Louis Armstrong, pour their hears into their music, while the people danced the Charleston until their hearts were content. The radio was a major form of news and entertainment back then. Everything from game shows and talk shows to the news and music was available through the radio by simply changing the station. But, when people wanted visual entertainment they simply went to the Nickelodeon. Nickelodeons cost only five cents. People would pay for an all-day event at the cinemas. They got their news, a comedy, and maybe a talkie like the Jazz Singer. Even breaking the law was a common form of popular entertainment. With Prohibition in full effect people used speak-easies to socialize with their friends and have a drink in secret. The 1920s was a period when people wanted to focus on themselves and be happy, that happiness was created with the use of entertainment. Nowadays, the general population would rather stay inside and entertain themselves with a less expensive outlet instead of going out to socialize with friends. In today’s society, people have become accustom to instant gratification. Watching a movie in one’s own home that they ordered from the “On Demand” feature is much easier than going out to the movies. There’s no need for a speak-easy since prohibition has

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