1920 Silent Movie Star

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Charlie Chaplin in the 1920s What comes to one's mind when speaking of silent movie era? Most people would most likely to picture a short man with a cane, a hat, a pair of unusually large shoes, and a iconic mustache, this man is Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin. Chaplin was a British in 16 April 1889(wikipedia), and soon became a comic actor and movie maker who rose to fame in this silent movie era. He became a worldwide icon through his screen persona "the Tramp" and is considered one of the most important figures of the movie industry(CharlieChaplin.com). His career spanned more than 75 years, from a child in the famous Victorian era to his death in 25 December 1977 at the age of 88(pbs.com), he is a great comedian and a man with many controversies. He has became a symbol of the film industry, and greatly influenced the movie making during the 1920s. Charlie Chaplin made numerous films in the 1920s(wikipedia). All of those films is extraordinary and outstanding because of their unique characters and meanings. The Tramp is a childlike, bumbling but good hearted character who is behave with the manners and dignity of a gentleman despite his actual social status. He often use his cunning to get what he needs to survive and escape the authority figures who chase him. Chaplin's films did not always portray the Tramp as this, however(Encyclopedia Britannica). The character was rarely referred to by any names onscreen, although he was sometimes identified as "Charlie" and rarely, as in the The Gold Rush(CharlieChaplin.com). One of the most famous films he produced in the 1920s is The Gold Rush. The Tramp travels to the Yukon to join in the Klondike Gold Rush. Bad weather strands him in a cabin with a prospector who has found a large gold deposit and Black Larsen, an escaped fugitive. He with Big Jim and Black Larsen fighting over the prospector's claim, ending

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