1912 Election President Essay

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William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States, who later become the tenth Chief Justice of The United States. Taft's presidency came after a popular 8 year run of Theodore Roosevelt. They were political allies and friends before Taft's presidency, and President Roosevelt highly advertised and supported Taft's presidency. Interesting enough though in the 1912 election these two men would be competing against each other for President. The two of these men being Republicans really divided the party which helped Woodrow Wilson into winning the 2012 election. The Republicans were split in-between Roosevelt's Progressive party and Taft's Conservative spectrum. Taft's presidency was not looked well upon the people of America during is term as president. They viewed him as being a bad president who wasn't accomplishing anything for the country. Although if you look at his four year term it looks as if he was quite busy during his term as presidency. Taft was important for continuing Roosevelt's antitrust actions, actually derailing more Monopolies then Roosevelt. Further, his Dollar Diplomacy increased the actions that America would take to help protect its business interests. During his time in office, the last two contiguous states were added to the union bringing the total up to 48 states (New Mexico and Arizona). From what I have read it looks like the weakest part about Taft's political strategies during his 4 years was his lack of ability and confidence to advertise to the American people the accomplishments he achieved. The American people were used to President Roosevelt who was never afraid to express to the world what he thought of any issue and wasn't afraid of the consequences. Rossevelt was an American hero because he was so extreme and really knew how to bring in a crowd. Best example of Roosevelt's heroic charm was during the 1912

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