The Scarlatti Tilt Essay

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‘The Scarlatti Tilt’ ‘It’s very hard to live in a studio apartment in San Jose with a man who’s learning to play the violin.’ That’s what she told the police when she handed them the empty revolver. The short story of Scarlatti tilt is only two sentences long but has so much information and so many possible alternative reading to the story. The dominate reading in the text is that a woman has shot her male roommate because he was learning to play the violin, and she found to be too hard to live with. She is living in a small studio apartment in San Jose were it may be very hot or cold outside which causes her to stay in her cramped up apartment with her roommate who is constantly practicing his violin, which he may or may not be good at and that would drive anyone mad. The woman may have done this because she is mentally ill, or his constant practicing may have driven her to the point where she shoots him with every last bullet in her revolver. Also the way she is talking to the police officers makes her sound as though she feels like she has done nothing wrong because she sounds so calm and has accepted the fact that she just shot someone and hands the gun over to the police as if she is now glad that she won’t have to listen to the violinist anymore. The dominate reading which I identified is that a woman has been caught by the police for the murder of a man in a San Jose studio apartment, I assume that the man is either her boyfriend or husband because they are living together. I believe that the crime has been committed because the police are present and an empty revolver, despite there being no indication that a man has been killed or died. My alternative reading is that the woman did not kill the man at all, but perhaps she was trying to

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