1812 Dbq

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After the Battle of Tippeconoe in November 1811, Native Americans increased their attacks against settlers who were moving onto their lands. Most Americans believed that the Indians were being encouraged by the British. There was much anger towards the British. In June 1812, president Madison sent a message urging congress to declare war against the British. Madison argued that not only did they encourage the Indian attacks, but they had also interfered with the US shipping. The British practiced impressments, where they forced people into their military service. British ships regularly stopped American ships at sea and removed men to serve in the British Navy. Congress approved Madison’s call for war. This became known as the war of 1812. There were series of land and naval wars, where the Americans were commonly out numbered and often defeated. In 1814, when the British ended the war they had been fighting against the French emperor Napoleon, they were now able to turn their full attention and resources to the war in America. This was when the burning of Washington DC took place. The British entered the capitol and started fires that consumed the city.…show more content…
due to the fact that people were constantly moving from place to place, they were also able to move upward in society from one social class to another. America, became a mobile society. In some ways, this is how the US became known as the land of opportunity. As a result, of constant moving, people had to acquire new social skills. Judging strangers and defending their honor were among these new skills. Because they were constantly moving, people would have to judge the new faces they came in contact with to tell whether that person would be a good friend, pose a threat to them or etc. Also defending their honor was a major aspect taking into consideration that a person could be challenged in a dual at any given
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