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1800's Industrial Revolution Reaction Paper

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  • on November 7, 2011
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Evolving, growing and managing a team of people is never perfect. The rebellions and arguments teams have within themselves resolve into working master pieces! Advances and industrial sweeps take a toll on success and soon enough, the teams goal is close to accomplished. The 1800’s industrial revolution paved the way for faster systems and organized concepts which inevitably helped the twenty-first century to have become what it is today.
During the 1800’s, industrialization took the economy by storm. Money issues were a large problem for the U.S, when the republicans wanted a Second Bank to help rising prices simmer down. John Calhoun, Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were responsible for the signing of the Second Bank. Protective Tariffs were also put on imported goods to help raise the prices for American businesses would sell. Prices weren’t the only draw back the revolution was to handle. Establishing the relationship between state and federal government was a case of its own. Three federal cases helped rekindle the power of each level and also settle powers between each branch. McCulloch v.s. Maryland specifically helped gain awareness of the “implied powers” doctrine which provided Congress more flexibility to enact legislation. Giving government solid bases definitely gave the U.S. some grab on what it’s goals were. I believe that without the three federal cases, the respect of each level would have crumbled. The money issues were a cause of “too much of a good thing.” Imported goods were a good source of money making profits to sell but in the long run, natural businesses on the main land were not getting any business. This would have eventually led to a bankrupt state! This system worked well with all that was going on.
The new system of production was taking off around this time as well. There was not only a good amount of money movement from businesses but also people movement. Canals, roads, turnpikes and even railroads with trains were built for...

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