1800 The Election Project

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Mollie Zanger The Election Project The election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was an emotional hard-fought campaign that led to monumental decisions. Adam’s Federalist party, which was viewed as elitist and supported Britain, was challenged by the Democratic- Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson in 1800. At the time, the colonies were in a naval - conflict against France called the “Quasi- War.” Adam’s was determined to clean America of French supporters, who were coincidentally, Democratic- Republicans. The election of 1800 was a realigning election that ushered in a generation of a Democratic- Republican rule and put a rest to the Federalist rule. Many call this election a revolution because the opposing “radical” party…show more content…
Brodie, Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate Biography, p. 325. Many colonists were prepared to fight a civil war, federalist versus anti- Federalists, Jeffersonian versus Federalist corruption. Along with the issue regarding the United State’s relationships with Britain and France, a key focus in the election became states rights versus Federal Power. This shift of power worried voters and they felt that maybe it was time to give the states their rights as outlined by Jefferson’s (and Madison’s) Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. Being I am a woman and would not have had the vote, I would have urged my spouse to vote for Jefferson. Jefferson’s policies, although radical for the time, enabled the country to move forward and progress in engineering an organized and efficient government. The main reason for gaining independence from Britain was to finally have our say and live and American life, filled with freedoms, most importantly freedom of speech. With Adam’s Alien and Sedition acts, our countrymen were stripped of those rights and were suspected of crimes. A crime such as siding with France, which is simply an opinion one, is allowed to have. While taking illegal action such as terrorism would have deserved an arrest, stating an educated opinion on the contrary, wouldn’t have. A fundamental basis for American society today, in 2012, is the Internet. Today it is possible to find reams of information about politics, whether it be current information regarding this years elections or past information about prior politicians. More importantly, any American citizen can post a blog, or a facebook post voicing any opinions they may have. This attitude of free speech may have been delayed if not for Jefferson’s advanced
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