1800- Got Junk Essay

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Question 1 Brian Scudamore saw a window of opportunity when he saw an unhappy situation about how troublesome it is for a common person to have his garbage removed. Brian needed cash for his degree and then he saw the guy with the truck and he realized the opportunity it provided him. However he wanted to be different from the guy with the truck as he knew his reputation wont be all well if he was also associated with the guy with the truck. So he bought a truck but differentiated himself with the guy with the truck. Following were a few points that differentiated him from the guy with the truck • He had printed fliers and business cards. • He came up with a catchy slogan. • Scudamore offered same day service. • He provided with a pre-set of pricing for removing the garbage rather than looking at the junk and then quoting a price. • The trucks were clean and spotless. • He hired clean cut and polite university students. • They would call 30mins before the appointment. • They would call back after a few days to ask how happy were the consumers about their services. • Rubbish Boys cheerfully removed junk, and then cleaned up after themselves, sweeping garages and driveways and/or raking the grass. A lot of things contributed towards the success of Rubbish Boys. A few of the points have been mentioned above. Some other factors that contributed towards the success are as follows: • Charities were selective about what they disposed off. The Rubbish Boys would clean up everything except toxic materials. • In Greater Vancouver, residents are allowed just two bags of garbage per week. And practically every city block hosts renovating yuppies, most of whom don’t know where the nearest dump is, let alone have the requisite vehicle. • Even though it was cheaper to hire a dumpster but construction companies found him more efficient in removing garbage. • He

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