17th Century Colonial America

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Colonial America Essay hour 4 Joe Selmecki 9/20/09 In the 17th century there were different ways to colonize the “New World,” politics and economic development helped shape the foundation of prominent new settlements. Two countries that sit on opposites of these two factors in colonization are Spain and New England. I will be contrasting the differences between these two countries and how they developed in the early 17th century. When contrasting the politics of these two colonists one must look at what the colonists stood for and what was their political motive. For Spain the motive was generally simple, conquer and exploit the land for its natural…show more content…
For Spain, they developed all of Cuba, central Mexico, and Peru. They exploited massive quantities of gold, tobacco, and slaves. But the economy was not very stable because of all the political unrest. As for New England the economic development was very steady because of political and social security. The Puritans wanted to make a society which would be a model society that other countries would want to follow. They exploited the land for crops such as beans, corn, potatoes, and wheat. This farming would allow New England's society to use crops for domestic commerce and currency. This trading of goods is what helped New England's colonists to thrive for the rest of the colonial period. The two different countries had many differences when it came to colonization of the “New World.” Spain was rather a very hostile colony which applied brute force to shape its politics and economic development, it did not have a steady economy and is usually looked upon as a place for greedy men and outlaws who want to improve their own lives. New England is a prime example of a healthy economy which has both political and social security. Overall the two different colonists had different ideals which helped carve their new settlements within the “New
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