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In history classes all over the United States the American Revolutionary War is overshadowed by George Washington and it is usually told in a biased American point of view. David McCullough’s historical book 1776 is based on the views of the British and American officials and soldiers. The book focuses more on the military side of the war while leaving the political objects in the background. Many American point of view of the war focuses on George Washington’s will for independence but ignore the views of the Loyalists. Throughout 1776, McCullough discusses the importance of Battle of Dorchester Heights, Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord, Long Island and Trenton, the obstacles faced by the Continental Army, the British army, and the generals and soldiers in both sides. David McCullough did not tell the story in a biased point of view rather both sides of the war. He did not glorify George Washington as a general in the Continental Army. The author also describes the works of Nathanael Greene, Howe, and British generals. McCullough willingly did not emphasize Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride rather depicting the condition of the soldiers and the obstacles the Continental Army faced. McCullough stated that the soldiers were not fit to fight a war. The soldiers had no proper uniform and did not get their monthly stipend. The soldiers of The Continental Army soldiers lacked discipline while the British soldiers were well dressed and much disciplined. Even though the Continental Army badly needed soldiers David McCullough shows the racism during the Revolutionary War by stating Washington’s unwillingness to let African Americans participate in the army until the army was in desperate need of new troops. McCullough also stated the condition of the British Army. He talked about their effectiveness during the war and also their condition. He showed

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