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In the book “1776” by David McCullough the author recounts the exploits of George Washington and a few key figures on both sides during the Revolutionary War. McCullough writings seem to lean more toward the “Rebels” but still is able to deliver an accurate account of the events that came to be the Revolutionary War. Parliament had a feeling of superiority in such that Lord Sandwich, First Lord of Admiralty was quoted saying “Suppose the colonies do abound in men, what does that signify? They are raw, undisciplined, cowardly men.” (6). General James Grant boasted “with 5,000 British regulars he could march from one end of the American continent to the other”(6) The first strike came in on April 19, 1775 in Lexington and Concord and then in June 17 at Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill. Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill are both refered to as the Battle of Bunker Hill on both sides. Though The Battle of Bunker Hill was a British Victory it came at a high cost for the Brits; 1,000 casualties. The King of England George III dispatched some 20,000 British regulars for the following spring after realizing that the colonists were a bit more than first thought. Nathanael Greene youngest general officer in American army, he was a foundryman what he knew of warfare he learned from books, all of six months in the army. * Purpose of this book to discuss the events during 1776 * How the brits viewed their adversarys * How the American rebels viewed the English * How the rebels viewed the british regulars * Discuss key battles that formed the majority of the war * Bunker hill * Battle of Lexington and concord * Capture of fort Ticonderoga * Battle of long island * Battle of harlem heights * Battle of lake champlain * Battle of fort Washington * trenton * Discuss important events tied with war * Olive branch petition *

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