The Giver Discussion Questions Essay

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A World Where Everyone is Equal, but Not Everyone is the Same It not possible to have a world where everyone is equal, but not everyone is the same because no matter what, people will always treat certain people differently than others. For example, in The Giver, Jonas lives in a perfect world where everyone is supposed to be equal. Everyone’s careers are supposed to be equal; no one’s job is “better” or “worse” than someone else’s. However, Birthmothers are not treated with as much respect as other jobs. There are people with different skin colors in this world, and some people believe that different skin color means that they shouldn’t be treated equally. No matter what, humans cannot and will not be able to treat everyone the same. That’s why it is not possible to have a world where everyone is equal, but not everyone is the same. A World Without Pain A world without pain would be a bad thing because people would never know how it feels to really hurt. People tend to remember what to not do better when it accompanies pain, and without pain, there is no happiness. For example, people know that touching a hot stove will cause pain, so they are careful around stoves. In The Giver, Jonas didn’t know what real pain was until he was given memories of pain by the Giver. When Jonas saw his friends playing “war”, he immediately thought of the pain and fear he felt in the memory of a battlefield. He knew that the game his friends played was mocking something terrible, but Jonas couldn’t tell them because his friends had never experience pain. A world without pain means that people will never learn from their

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