17 Laws of Soccer or Football Essay

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17 LAWS OF SOCCER LAW 1 - The Field of Play This is the basic layout of a soccer field. The size of the field will vary from league to league, usually depending on the age of the players. LAW 2 - The Ball A regulation size soccer ball is a No. 5 ball. Youth leagues may use different size balls, such as a No. 3 ball or a No. 4 ball, depending on the age of the children. LAW 3 - Number of Players There must be no more that 11 players on the field of play for either team. A minimum number of players are usually 7. Some youth leagues encourage games with less than 11 players to help in the development of young players. LAW 4 - Player’s Equipment Players must wear the same coloured jersey or shirts. All youth programs require shin guards to be worn by all players. LAW 5 - Referees The referee enforces the 17 laws. There is one difference between soccer and most other sports played in America. In soccer, the referee may let play continue and not call a foul if he or she thinks that stopping play would give an advantage to the team committing the foul. LAW 6 - Linesmen and Lineswomen Two linesmen may assist the referee in controlling the game. The linesmen’s duty is to signal to the referee when the ball is out; to indicate a corner kick, a goal kick or to designate which team is entitled to the throw-in. LAW 7 - Duration of the Game The duration of the game will depend on the age of the children. Older children will more than likely have two halves. LAW 8 - Start of Play: Kick Off A kick off is taken to start a game, to restart play after a goal has been scored or to start the second half or a new quarter. LAW 9 - Ball In and Out of Play The ball is out of play whenever it is completely outside the outside edge of the touchline or the goal line either on the ground or in the air. Also it is out of play when the referee stops play for any reason.

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