16 Yr Old Thief Essay

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16 Year Old Thief The United States spends billions of dollars preventing drug use, treating addicts and fighting drug related crimes. Drug use causes multiple problems in many communities. Problems stemming from drug abuse can lead to burglaries, robberies, murders and other illegal activities in the United States. According to Drug War Facts for 2008 an estimated 117,325,000 Americas aged 12 or over (47% of the U.S. population aged 12 and over) report having used illicit drug at least once in their lifetime. More than half of America’s youth are drug users. Drug War Facts stated that more that 102 million Americans have tried marijuana; 15.2 million Americans are estimated to be “past-month” users. Yet there are only an estimated 1,855,000 “past –month” users of cocaine and 213,000 “past-month” users of heroin. With that said, I came home to find my sons friend in our house without permission rambling through our kitchen drawers. He was under the influence of marijuana and looked at me with a surprise face, stating that he needed to write a note to my son. At the same time I noticed some of my jewelry on the counter top. I did not know what to do, I asked him to leave. Once he left I was unsure of what I should have done. I decided to call the police and report the break in and theft, therefore I also called his parents and notified them of what had happened. To conclude my action plan I spoke to my son and explained that these actions are not acceptable. The first reaction I had when the boy left was to check the rest of my house to see if any other items were missing. I had a deep sense of violation in my own home. Once I got passed that emotion I transitioned to anger. I didn’t know what to think about the incident, I called the police. I could not believe the impact of what my son’s friend’s decision to rob us had on me. When the police

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