16 and Pregnant- Belonging Short Story

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16 and Pregnant Lets go back to the very beginning. I was late. I was never late. I wasn’t expecting anything to be wrong but I just wanted to make sure. “Lauren, wanna come shopping?” Lauren was very casual when I grabbed the pregnancy test off the shelf; the checkout chick was not. We put it on the counter along with the other items we were buying. We were going to make cookies. The products rhythmically slid across the scanner until she came across the test. She threw it into the bag as fast as she could. Ignorance is bliss. Back at my house we had the kitchen set up to make cookies. Lauren stayed for a few hours; we talked about anything and everything. I was home alone after she left. I ran straight to the bathroom, grabbing the test was I went. Taking it didn’t faze me. I sat on the edge of the bath and waited. Three minutes passed by, I looked over at the basin where the test was. Two dark lines caught my eye. Jumping up as fast as I could. “Shoot!” It took a few minutes to sink in. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions. I remember texting Jay straight away, ‘Where are you when I need you most? I need to see you when you get home’ He was meant to be in Narrabri for the day. For once he was home early. ‘Outside’ he replied within minutes. I grabbed the test and ran outside. I saw him waiting in the car. As I hopped into the car he gave me a funny look. I looked at my hand grasping the test. I stared shaking and felt a lump in my throat. Without saying anything, I showed him the test. “Ha, you’re funny. That’s a fake bub. I’m not that silly. What’s really up?” “Nah its real.” I replied with a blank stare. We quickly drove off in silence. “But. But. You’re my baby. My baby isn’t meant to be having a baby.” He managed to get out in disbelief, after what felt like forever. We went to the local supermarket to pick up Jay’s partner Jesse. “Hey loser,

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