152.200 Course Guideline Essay

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152.200 Contemporary Management Semester One 2013 Paper Coordinator: Dr Andrew Cardow Office: QB 2.18 Phone: 414 0800 ext 43381 E-mail a.cardow@massey.ac.nz (please use this address not the stream site) Office Hours: Thursday 10 am to 12pm Lecture Times: Friday 9 a.m. to 11 am, with up to one hour after for questions. Readings: Students are expected to complete the assigned readings before the lecture they are assigned for. Attendance: Students are expected to attend all lectures and participate in discussions. If you miss a lecture it is your responsibility to catch up on the information (perhaps from another student). The lecture notes placed on stream are only the “bullet point” notes that I use as a basis for the lectures. They should not be used as the sole study material for the exam and assignments. In the lectures, examples will be given and the notes and selected readings will be discussed. In the lecture we will also do a number of case studies and exercises to expand your thinking on management problems. Failure to come to class and to participate in these exercises may put you at a great disadvantage at exam time. Lecture Topics: The lecture topic outline (on the stream site) is only a guide. I reserve the right to vary the topics for lectures during the course of the semester. Every effort will be made to advice students in advance of changes. Emails: I am quite ready to answer your queries. E mail, a.cardow@massey.ac.nz. Please use this email address rather than send me messages through stream. There is no required text book: Aims & Objectives Provide knowledge and understanding of management and organization theory Evaluate a diversity of management approaches. Learning Outcomes: Critically analyse selected concepts that have led to contemporary management practice Explain and evaluate the relevance of selected historical management theories Critically

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