1492 Turning Point

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The year 1492 was a major turning point in history for many different reasons. After 1492, people and civilizations of long separated regions had started to gain their connections. Many trades had began and gave different countries the opportunity to get different things. The voyage of Columbus in 1492 helped create our world today. In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail to go to east India to find gold, instead of getting to east India, he landed in the Bahamas. Thinking he had arrived in India, Columbus assumed the people who were settled in the Bahamas were Indians. He had discovered the New World which is now North and South America. This is a major turning point in history because if Columbus hadn’t went on this voyage, he would have never discovered the New World. No one had really known that part of the world even existed until Columbus arrived there. The voyage brought people together of different kinds of cultures. One of the results of bringing people of different cultures together was the introduction of new foods. The European explorers introduced wheat, barley, sugarcane, rice, olives, and bananas to the New World. The natives had introduced foods such as maize, potatoes, cocoa, peanuts, tomatoes, pineapples, and chili peppers. Christopher Columbus created the exchange of foods and such from the New World to the Old World. When Columbus discovered the New World, it started many things such as The Colombian Exchange. It also started bad things such as slavery, war, and destruction of Native Cultures. When the Columbus Exchange was created, Christopher Columbus tried to make the Native Americans slaves. Although, the Natives were being tricky and were constantly escaping. When he found the New World. The finding of the New World was one of the reasons we have independence and rights. Since Columbus found the Americas when others had already been
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