1450-1750 Essay

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Why I selected this book? I selected this book because I like Justin Beiber but I don’t really much about him but I want to learn about him. I want to know his background and where he came from. I wanted to know how he got started singing and how he got started with usher. I know he got started on youtube but I want to know how usher heard him. This book told me the answer to that question. Authors purpose for writing this book? The author wanted to know about Justin Beibers life. He followed him and asked him questions like when he was born? Where were you born? Justin has been a big hit and it is all thanks to usher signing him a record deal. The author name this book’’ first step to success’’ because this is truly his first step to success and how he’s getting older he’s going to get more famous. Home life I found home life interesting because it told me about his social life. This chapter home life tells me where he grew up at. It tells me how he only had a single life and what he likes to do. I found out that he is Canadian and how he wasn’t living a very good life style. I found out about what he likes to do during his free time and that’s play an instrument. Justin beiber Justin Beiber was born on march,1, 1994 in Ontario Canada. Justin Beiber took second place in a local competition but it turned in to a Youtube phenomenon. He signed a record contract with usher and became the first solo artist to have four singles enter the top 40 before his album. His record ‘’my world has went platinum in certain areas. Beiber always had an interest in music. when his mother bought him a drum he was basically banging on everything he can get his hands on. Justin and his mom began posting videos of him singing so he can get known. He was an internet sensation with a lot of fans. Beiber had a chance of meeting with usher. Who Eventually signed him an

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