13 Colonies Essay

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We have just docked at the one of the 13 colonies in the new world. I am not sure exactly where we are or how far we have traveled, but I am extremely excited to start my life in the colonies. The people are so friendly and are very helpful to try to find me a place to live and show me the ways of life on this side of the world. Everything is so different but I have noticed that our soldiers do not get a lot of respect and there have been many quarrels in the short time that I have been here. I have many plans for this new land, I first took great interest in the colonies because I was a very poor man overseas and wanted to seek of a better life and a way out to a place where I could start fresh and find a spouse to get married and start a family. My plans also go along with opening up a small general store with the very little money I have left from my adventures. I have very little free time, I am so busy doing work to raise money, but I get a break here to sit down and write about my adventure and plan as I see that this colony called Massachusetts and the many other colonies will be part of something great in history. As the people are nice, I feel they see me as an outsider and I do feel such like one. I am almost entirely useless as I cannot hunt the game here and I wonder the streets to find a sense of direction. Putting aside my doubts I feel something good in the air and. I have to go a job

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