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Name:_________________________ Core_________ Colony Name:______________________ 13 colonies Research Paper Required: 1. 5* paragraph research paper on the13 colonies * Paper must be typed * Paragraphs: You must complete a history paragraph, however you may choose the other 2 or 3 topics to write about below * Introductory Paragraph * History (founding father, how came into existence) MUST* * Culture (religion, clothing, celebrations, etc)Choice* * Life (town, house, gender roles, etc)Choice* * Economics (what colony produced, etc)Choice* * Conclusion 2. For all paragraphs, vary the way you start your sentences. Do not copy from your source. Make sure to paraphrase. Use synonyms and different sentence structure. For your presentation: 3. Artistic representation of a your colony * All parts of the project must be handmade –photos may be printed if needed and supplies can be bought and used, however you may NOT buy or print your representation!) * Example projects: * Diorama * Pottery * Jewelry * Game * An example of something your group produced (ex: a ship) * Brochure * Clothing * *NO WEAPONS! 4. 3 minute presentation * Brief summary of your colony * Description of your artistic representation Introductory Paragraph * Start with a “did you know” question about something really unique or interesting about your colony. * Include a sentence telling where your colony was located, use good details. * Include a sentence telling how your colony got their name. Try to find the reason for the name and/or who gave it to them * The conclusion sentence of this paragraph should tell the reader to “Read on to find out more about the

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