13 Angry Men Essay

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13 Angry Men 05/16/11 By: Sheraud Baiza A Boy is on Trial for first degree murder. 13 of us jurors will have to decide whether or not the boy is guilty. We all know what is at stake here, so we must make sure all of our decisions are accurate and fair to everyone’s liking. I, for one, believe that the boy on trial is NOT guilty, due to the factors of reasonable doubt that juror 8 has pointed out clearly to us so far. We are all familiar with the old man’s testimony against the boy, correct? He claimed to have heard the fight go on between the boy and his father, the boy shouting “I’m going to kill you!”, a body thud, and ran to the door to see the boy running out all within 15 seconds. A reenactment by juror 8 proves that it really took 41 seconds for the man to get to the door, plus the el tracks are unbearably loud, so it would’ve been impossible to hear everything accurately. In my opinion, the old man just honestly and mistakenly assumed it was the boy since he was the first one he saw running out. Also, remember th woman who claimed to have seen everything on the other side of the El tracks? Well, as you know she’s myopic, so she wears glasses for her condition. However, she had them off the night the murder took place, plus it was very dark in her house, so it was impossible for her to accurately see the boy and assume it was him. These facts should prove the boy’s innocence, and those of you who he’s guilty should think real hard about this. For the ones who believe these facts are putrid, you wouldn’t be thinking or saying that if you were in the boy’s shoes now would you? Listen to reason, we all deserve a second

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