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The film/documentary, is about a young man named Aron Rouston, who is an adventure addict and thrill seeker. He gets himself into trouble by falling into a craves into the rocks a boulder falls onto his arm and wedges it between two rocks. He gets to a pint where it becomes life and deaths and ultimately makes the decision that he has to cut of his arm to survive. He then proceeds to climb to the surface where he is rescued by a helicopter. Communicate with people before u go on any action adventure with people, the purpose of this documentary is to inform the target audience a message that communication is important when going on adventured. The target audiences is the general public, fitness fanatics action adventure people. This documentary is narrated from the point of view of aron rouston he uses technical language that relates to mountain climbing such as rope carabna clips ‘127 Hours’ is based on a true story that happened in April 2003. 27 year-old hiker Aron Ralston fell into a narrow crevice, therefore pinning his right arm between a rock and a boulder. He was trapped this way for five days, without food and very little water. The movie follows Aron’s story of how he struggles to survive in the end. The movie begins with a lively Aron Ralston (James Franco) getting ready for a hike to the Blue John Canyon in Utah. He puts on his headphones and a cap, all set to cover a distance in record time. But little does he know that the hike will change his life forever. He meets Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn), two women who seem to be lost and guides them with precision to the right way. Resuming his hike, Aron is back to listening to music and taking pictures on the way. His knowledge of the surroundings and his sense of adventure lead us to believe that he can never meet with an accident. However, we are proved terribly wrong. Aron falls

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