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Client ___________________________________ Order__________________________ To ensure excellence in the delivery and set-up off your rental order, Remaz will review the duties of the Rental Company and Client with you. It is important to read the entire contract to understand all rights and responsibilities to support the successful execution of your event logistics, and to be prepared in the event that your event is affected by circumstances outside of your control. Rental Fees I understand that rental fees are charged based on time out, not weather the equipment is used, or not used, by me. Delivery & Pick-Up I understand that delivery times are not guaranteed due to unscheduled delays outside Remaz control from traffic, weather, and previous clients on delivery route. I understand that I need tp have a representative count-in and count0out my rentals and I choose to: ________ Count-in/out my rentals with the driver. My representative is expected to be _____________ ________ Omit count-in/out, accept delivery and waive the right to dispute counts after event start. Site Preparation I understand that my site must be clear and ready for Remazs’ delivery. Remaz is not responsible for incidental damage to items in the set-up area. Delivery inside buildings is at my isk and incurs added labor charges. Weather I understand that rain or wind my change my set-up cost. I understand severe weather may require me to relocate my event at my cost. Missing Equipment & Late Return I understand that I am responsible for missing and damage equipment, and that I have many people at my event that may move or handle the equipment. If I leave equipment in an unsecure location, I acknowledge that I am placing the equipment at risk. I understand that items misplaced at my event, or otherwise not made available for pick-up

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