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Introduction – How’d He Do That? Memory, symbols, pattern help place authors in different to tell who they are. Memory helps correlate with things in our nature our experience. Symbols define something in the book and understand the true meaning of the object. Patterns are meant to get the reader to think about pervious cases and remember them. I have enhanced an understanding of symbol through a book called “The Color Purple”, a character symbolized strength because she roses up from all the hurt. Chapter 1 – Every trip is a Quest (Except When it’s not) The five aspects of quest is a quester, a place to go, a reason to go there, challenge, and a real reason to go. The quester in the movie Despicable Me is Gru. Gru goes to his enemy’s house. He wants to steal the shrink ray back but he can’t find a way to get in the house to get the ray. The real reason he went is to become a perfect father from the adoption of 3 little girls. Chapter 2 – Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion In a film I’ve seen, the mother wants to tell her children she is dying from cancer. She tries to plan a dinner but nobody wants to show up. Finally, once they are together, the movie viewer can see hatred in each other eyes. All in all, the mother gets to tell her children what is going on. You can tell the actors just want to get up and leave. They have no respect for one and another. Chapter 3 – Nice to Eat You: Acts of Vampires The essentials of a vampire story are about selfishness, exploitation, a refusal to respect others. In the movie insidious, this film is not about vampires but it shows vampirism. The ghosts are selfish and want to take the soul of half way dead boy. Insidious has nothing to do with sex; it just resembles the dark side of the movie. The movie shows a dark demand that is ugly and overwhelming. Chapter 4 – If it’s Square, It’s a Sonnet A square is a

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