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面试英语情景对话 Why are you interested in working for our company? 为什么有兴趣在我们公司工作? Because your company has a good sales record. 因为你们公司有良好的销售记录 。 Because your operations are global, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment. 因为你们公司的运作是全球化的,我觉得可以在这样一个环境中工作会有最大的收获。 Because I think my major is suitable for this position. 因为我认为我的专业适合这个职位。 Because I can learn new things in your company, at the same time I can offer my services to you. 因为我可以在贵公司学到新的东西, 同时能为你们提供服务。 Because I'm very interested in your company's training program. 因为我对你们公司的培训计划很感兴趣。 Why did you leave your former company? 为什么离开以前的公司? Because I'm working in a small company where a further promotion is impossible. 因为我在一家小公司工作,升职的希望很小。 Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job. 因为我有能力担负起更多的责任,所以决定换工作。 Because that company didn't have a good future, so I needed to consider my future. 因为那家公司没有什么前途,所以我必需考虑我的未来。 Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. 因为我想改变工作环境,找一个更富有挑战性的工作。 Because I had some private reasons, some family things. 因为我有一些私人的原因,家里有些事情。 What are your great strengths?你有什么优点? I'm a good team player.我是一个富有团队精神的人。 I'm a hard-working, persistent person.我工作刻苦,性情执着。 I'm a fast-learner.我学东西很快。 I can work under pressure and get along with my colleagues.我能在压力下工作,并能与同事和谐相处。 I have strong organizational skills.我的组织能力很强。 In what specific ways will our company benefit form hiring you?我公司雇用你有什么好处? I think that my technical background is helpful for you.我觉得我的技术背景对你们有用。 I have enough knowledge to market the products of your company.我有足够的知识推广贵公司的产品。 I'm very familiar with this market and have many customers. I think your company will benefit from it.我对这个市场非常熟悉并有许多客户,我认为贵公司能从中获益。 Your company will benefit from gaining a young energetic, bright, person.贵公司能通过雇用一个充满活力、聪明的年轻人获益。

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