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Thank you for the time and effort required to complete this survey (time for this has been provided during classes on 4/29 and 5/2). Your responses are greatly appreciated and make a difference! You may print out the survey and complete it by hand or you may download the form, type your comments, and print out the form to turn in on the last day of class. Students are required to return this survey to receive a final grade for the course. The survey is not graded and has no impact on student grading. When returning the survey be sure to include the signature page which will be used to determine that the survey was returned for release of final grade. Thank you! *Please indicate if comments made are limited to OCTH 5140 or OCTH 5141 only. You may assign different ratings for each course, just clearly indicate what course you are addressing with your comments. Instructions: Please circle or bold or highlight the choice that most closely corresponds to your opinion. Please include positive, neutral or negative comments as appropriate. If you are completing this document by hand, please continue comments on the back of the page. THANK YOU! 1. Overall the content of the course was: extremely interesting very interesting interesting not very interesting boring Comments: I really enjoyed learning about child development and what activities can help children achieve their goals. 2. In my career as an occupational therapist, I think the materials learned in this course will be: extremely helpful very helpful helpful not very helpful useless Comments: 3. I think the textbooks for this course were: extremely helpful very helpful helpful not very helpful useless Comments (give specific feedback on each text): I really liked the textbook. It gave a real good explanations and intervention techniques for each topic. 4. Rate each of the

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