12 Years a Slave

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Describe any three instances in which Solomon Northup found a way to survive in an extremely dangerous situation. Why does he do these things? If you were in that situation, how would you handle it? Solomon Northup goes through a series of extremely dangerous situations in which could have been the result of his death, or the responsibility for the death of others. Solomon was classified in the film, as “nothing but a Georgia runaway”, as someone whipped him after constraining him and not giving him ability to prove his freedom. Solomon Northup had a wife and two children. He was a hardworking educated musician, specifying in the violin, was dedicated, and showed constant love and support to his family. Many instances of his oppression along with other blacks were viewed brutally, and most of these situations were out of his complete control and were threatening to his life. Solomon Northup powerfully identified a moral claiming, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live”. This provided a common theme of actuality vs potentiality. In actuality, Solomon Northup was a slave that could survive by facing traumatic emotional and physical pain. On the other hand, Solomon Northup could potentially lead a life with great happiness and freedom of will to exceed in the areas he pleases to. Even enslaved, Solomon was granted the opportunity to showcase his talents in music, but what he really wanted was to be surrounded by his family, and live by his standings. Solomon Northup woke up restrained to a cell and afterwards beaten. He was then transported and shipped off where he met two educated black men in similar situations. After one of these men gets stabbed to death, and the other gets freed, Solomon is assigned the slave name “Platt” and is chosen by Master Ford to serve for him. After just a couple days, Master Ford was clearly enthused by Platt’s dedication and will

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