12 Years a Slave

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Jiayao Zhang 12 Years a Slave The film “ Twelve Years a Slave” is based on a true story wrote by Solomon Northup, a free African-American in Washington, D.C. who got kidnapped and sold to Louisiana, enslaved for twelve years. As we can see in the film, When Solomon first captured by the slavery, he tried to tell everyone he is a free man, but all he got is whipping. After he has been sold to William Ford and named as Platt, he shows his wisdom and talent of violin to get Ford’s favor. But he got himself in trouble with the white leader, Solomon ended up transferring to another slavemaster Edwin Epps. At this point, he started to hide his knowledge and skills. During this time line, we can see Solomon was resisting the slavery by fighting back Tibeats (Ford’s carpenter), and escaping. Eliza, a lady who bought by Ford as a slave but separated with her children, resisted by keep emotionally crying. The first main resistance Solomon acted was he fight back Tibeats. Tibeats is envy about Solomon knows more than him and got Ford’s favor. Tibeats found fault with Solomon and attempted to lash him. Solomon refused to take the punishment and pushed Tibeats to the ground. Solomon took away Tibeats’s strap and lashed him. Tibeats was extremely angry about this and gathered two men, hanged Solomon on the tree. Solomon was hanging on the tree for a whole day and no one cared about him, like the live man hanging there is not exist. We can see the salves are very indifferent. Solomon was saved my Ford and ended up transferring to another slaveowner. The second main resistance Solomon did is escaping. Mary Epps gave him a shopping list and sent him to the town. Solomon tried to run away but on his way of escaping, he met two slaves hanged to dead, may because of escaping. Solomon did not get caught, but he was deeply shocked and considered more about his own risk of live. He

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