12 Angry Men Thesis

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In the film 12 Angry Men there was only one juror who initially showed critical thinking in his evaluation of the trial. This juror was Juror Number 8. In my opinion, when the story first opened Juror 8 chose ‘not guilty’ because he was unconvinced that the defendant was guilty. However he was also unsure that the defendant was ‘not guilty.’ Because of his uncertainty, Juror 8 had to really on critical thinking skills to get answers and solidify his decision. The film presents the story so that Juror 8 would have to persuade the rest of the jurors to choose not guilty. But I believe what happened in the room is that each of the jurors persuaded each other but it was through Juror 8 that they were able to exercise their critical thinking skills. The jury was convinced that the defendant was guilty based on solid evidence that was resented. They took the case at face value and did not bother to question the time frame and events that happened were plausible. The other jurors neglected the details in the story and that is what made Juror 8 stand out from the rest. He was able to use critical thinking and analyze the details that were over looked. With that being said, that is where the other jurors lacked in critical thinking. They over-looked the details, which never goes great with critical thinking. One cannot assume and utilize critical thinking. When they recalled evidence into the room to be further discussed, Juror 8 used his critical thinking skills to analyze each item of evidence or the testimony of the witnesses and criticized each ‘fact’ with plausible scenarios. For example, the switchblade knife. The testimony of the shop owner said, “ he had never seen a knife of its kind and that it was the only one he had sold from his shop.” Juror 8, showcased to the other jurors that there was a possibility that someone could come across a similar knife by

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