12 Angry Men Reginald Rose

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Describe at least one important conflict in the text(s) One important conflict in the drama script 12 angry men by Reginald Rose was between Juror number 3 and Juror number 8. Their contrasting personalities and different beliefs caused conflict between them throughout the entire play. From the beginning of the drama script and throughout the play Juror number 8 was portrayed to us as the ‘perfect juror’ being fair, objective and strong minded. He was the only juror willing to rifle through the evidence to try and figure out whether the defendant in question was guilty or not. Number 8 was the only juror who voted not guilty in the first vote causing conflict amongst the other jurors. When questioned about his decision juror 8 simply said ‘It’s not so easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.’ Had juror 8 voted guilty, a boy may have unfairly been charged with a crime that he may or may not have committed. Through the action of voting not guilty we understand that one of number 8’s values is integrity. In contrast to juror number 8, juror number 3 is a prejudiced bully who is portrayed to us as the ‘night mare juror’. He believes that the defendant is guilty purely because his own son retaliated against him and punched him in the face, making him believe that all teenagers are just ‘no good delinquents’. This proves to us that unlike juror 8, juror number 3 does not hold the integrity value. This is one of the many reasons that juror 8 and juror 3 conflict. Juror 8 and juror 3 conflict throughout the entire play because of these obvious differences in personalities and beliefs. One important conflict between them was when juror 3 says “Well I told you, I think the kids guilty, what else do you want?” and juror 8 replies with “Your arguments, we’re not convinced, we’re waiting to hear them again, we have time.”

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