12 Angry Men Enviromental Effects

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12 Angry Men 12. The environment these men were in was a jury room in a courthouse that was approximately 30 feet by 15 feet with one large table in the room. It was not a lot of space for twelve individuals. Also it should be noted they were not allowed to leave the room. It was seemingly warm and uncomfortable. It was repeatedly noted throughout the movie that it was overly warm. “It’s the hottest day of the year”. The room with no working airflow for half of the time these men were in the room. This meeting only occurred one time lasting less than one day. The size of the group was twelve adult, Caucasian males Initially, the group developed a coalition of 11-1 in favor of voting the defendant guilty. The group gave the lone not guilty voter a chance to explain. Further votes revealed the development of a stronger coalition towards voting the defendant not guilty as many were swayed by the presenting evidence. The history or background of the jury was quite significant. Juror #3 had a less than favorable past experience with his son whom he stated he hadn’t seen in more than 2 years. Juror #5 was a child of immigrants and was noted to have spent his childhood in a poverty like setting similar to that of the alleged defendant. Juror #7 had tickets to the baseball game that evening and seemed more eager to vote guilty and get to the game than he did about the facts of the case presented before him. Juror #8, played by Henry Fonda, had the conviction to stand up to the group with the initial lone “not guilty” vote that ultimately ended up a not guilty vote for the accused. Juror #9 was an elderly gentleman and Juror #10 was also an elderly gentleman who was very staunch in his argument that the defendant was guilty. He eventually would lose the support of his followers towards the end via his support of his stereotypical statements such as

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