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12 Angry Men Essay

  • Submitted by: butthead1
  • on August 3, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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The common belief about socioeconomic status comes from the categorization of classes such as the upper, middle, and lower class. However, in many cases there is limited vertical social mobility between the classes due to economic inequality. With the rise of economic inequality in America, the belief about social class has been generalized to the individual person by whatever social class he or she is in. Simply put, it is common belief that either the poor have put themselves in the position of poverty, or that the rich have worked their way up the corporate ladder using good morals and a winning smile. Both of these common assumptions are utterly wrong.
      In reality, America is a class system economy. Although there are many definitions of what class means, in this context class refers to the amount of wealth an individual possesses. In many cases the individual is born into the class they are categorized in. From birth, an upper class child may be put into more prestigious school that could potentially give a better education because their guardians have the expendable income required for tuition. Tutoring lessons in whatever subject could also be more prevalent due to the child’s guardian’s wealth. While the upper class children receive more education from birth, lower class children could receive little to no education. Not only could the lower class children be distracted by gnawing hunger pains, they could also have less time to study based on how much the child needs to contribute to the household. If a child is too busy to study because their mother or father is working multiple jobs that leave little time for caring for other siblings, it is then the responsibility of the older children to care for younger siblings. The aspect of the child working should be taken into consideration as well. The child could be working to support the household by him or herself.
      The difference in preparation for education past high school, the ability to pay...

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