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Phân vai: - PA, KL: MC + diễn viên quần chúng trong vid - NL: Bác sĩ tâm lý + diễn viên quần chúng trong vid - TC: Nhân vật thành công trong kinh doanh…+ phóng viên trong vid - VQ, TL: Nhân vật chính trong vid + khán giả. Kịch bản: • Sau nhạc giới thiệu mở đầu, hai mc PA và KL ra. VQ vs TL ngồi mần khán giả. -PA: Hello everyone and Thanks for turning into CHT Student’s Radio and TWWB Talkshow’ s very first broadcast. I am Piku Josie - host of VS. -KL: And I am KL. It’s such a huge pleasure for us to get the attention of you today. Therefore, we are about to give you the best thing you can wish for on this special show. -PA: Yeah.That’s right. -KL: I think that all of us at least once heard about Thomas Edison. He is renowed for a large number of inventions and his enormous dovotion to science. -PA: Yep, and also, he left us an immense source of quotes that are really valueable. KL, do you know any of those? -KL: My knowledge is very limited. Can you offer some? -PA: Yes of course but I will do that after this show. Now, I just can offer one. This is a very famous quote that Edison said when he was alive: Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. -KL: Oh.Is that our topic today? -PA: That’s what I gonna say. • Phần video. -KL: Now, To begin with, we have interviewed some people for their opinion about this quote. There is a wide diversity of opinions but they are all interesting. Now, look at the screen. Video phỏng vấn -PA: To give you a brief and summary viewpoint, right now, on the stage, we invite 2 guests to discuss the quote with us. One is a psychologist and the other is the one that you are going to know right now. This is a brief introduction about her. Video về Thảo Chi • NL với TC ra. Ngồi thành vòng tròn, hai khách mời ngồi trửa,

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