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Drug in the sport Taking drugs in the sport should not be allow Athletes that are in sports should not be allowed to use drugs. Or if they use drugs they should not be allowed to play sports. When athletes drugs they have the advantage of many things. For example, athletes have the advantage of doing better when doing their plays and/or when they are against other people. This is a disadvantage to the athletes that do not take drugs. Let’s say that two athletes are competing, one does drugs and the other one doesn’t, who will win? It will more than likely be the athlete used drugs. This would be because the drugs make people stronger. An athlete on drugs is obviously going to be much faster than the one that does not. And taking drug in the sport also is bad for our health. Since drugs have become easier to get, they have also become more popular with young people and competitors in sports. During the mid-nineteenth new drugs come out from the laboratories, athletes started to be experimented on. The French tried using caffeine to enhance(inhans) their performances. While other Europeans were mixing cocaine and heroin to give them extra energy they called this drug “speedball”. In 1886 this deadly mix contributed to the first drug related death in sports by taking the life of a cross-country cyclist. More athletes taking drugs and the leading causes of death cases also appear con-stan-tly. An-na-bolic s-troids are chemicals that are similar to the male sex hormone. Steroids are used by a number or young people to enhance their muscle(肌肉) mass and increase their performances. While anabolic steroids(死左爱) are successful at building muscle, they can damage many human body organs, such as the heart, kidneys and liver. Steroids are taken by shot or in pill form, after steroids enter the bloodstream; they are distri-builted to organs and muscle throughout the body.

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