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Lakisha Slaughter September 16, 2013 English 102 Dr. Fierce In the article “What’s wrong with Cinderella” Peggy Orenstein’s views are that of a mother and of a feminist. Orenstein raised several concerns regarding the mental and physical control brought upon the younger generation in which she contradicts herself and assign blame. The writer claims that the princess-themed commercial products have distressing effects in shaping young female generations’ outlooks as well as their qualities. Orenstein uses her daughter as the example in the article. She describes princesses as something that is going to sabotage her efforts to instill feminist values in her daughter. Orenstein starts off by talking about Andy Mooney, a former Nike executive, who she refers to as a prince riding in on his metaphoric white horse to save consumer products of Disney “the princess” whose sales were dropping dramatically a year. She blames the entire problem on Mooney because he sold over millions of princess themed products, in which he did not market; he just put them on the shelves and they sold. Mooney says, before he had even thought of this bright idea, He went to his first “Disney on Ice” show where little girls where already dressed up in princess costumes, which was not Disney products but where appended Halloween costumes and that’s when he thought of the idea. The trend was already there he just made them more spectacular. Orenstein then claims that the princesses Mooney are presenting to the younger generation; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas who are only interested in clothes, jewelry, and the handsome prince are somewhat role models. Mooney states that this that it is just a phase and they will grow out of it by the time they are six years old. He uses his friend’s son as an example and says he went through the

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