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literature review Implementing knowledge management because: Competition The increasingly fierce market competition, innovation faster, so companies must continue to acquire new knowledge and use of knowledge to create value for business and society; Customer orientation Enterprises to create value for customers; Job mobility Liquidity to accelerate employee, employees tend to retire early, if the companies can not manage well their acquired knowledge, businesses at risk of losing its knowledge base; Environmental uncertainty Environmental uncertainty performance due to competition and lead to uncertainty and ambiguity and uncertainty in a dynamic uncertain environment, technology update speed accelerated learning has become a fundamental guarantee of corporate survival members of the organization access to knowledge and the ability to use the knowledge to become the organization's core skills, knowledge has become the foundation for enterprises to gain competitive advantage, become scarce assets; The impact of globalization The globalization management companies have the ability to communicate as well as knowledge acquisition, knowledge creation and the ability to convert. Knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition and knowledge conversion depends on the enterprise's ability to learn, and learning is the key enterprises to strengthen their competitive advantage and core competencies KM is very important Knowledge Management (KM) is becoming an important part of many organization's strategies. Knowledge Management is the collection of the knowledge that makes the business run successfully. It asks employees to share what they know for the benefit of the organization. It is estimated that a huge percentage of knowledge is lost due to employee attrition as well as forgetfulness on the part of employees. Here's a basic outline on how to get a Knowledge

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