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Brad Winkler English 111 01/29/2012 Carolryn Beardsley Take This Fish and Look At It This story is about an American named Samuel H. Scudder. Samuel plans to continue his study as a Zoologist , specializing in insects. He meets a Swiss Naturalist professor, Louis Agassiz, that taught him a simple yet time consuming task. Scudder had to study and observe a dead fish. This is the best lesson he could ever learn even though it was as easy as looking at a fish and recording his findings. This method of learning changed his ways of teaching. This taught him the best Entomological lesson he has even learned. The professor showed him the value of observing facts by bringing them into connection with the gender law. This essay was very interesting to me. These highly educated men Samuel H. Scudder and Louis Agassiz could learn such a important lesson just by simply observing a dead fish. What amazes me is the passion that Scudder had for the field he was perusing, and the respect that he has for professor Agasszi. “Look at a fish for three days, look, look, look.” as the professor would say. After many years, Scudder, can only draw a Heamulons when asked to draw a fish. The time and patience that the professor possessed to teach Scudder to observe and the knowledge to connect not just what you see with your own eyes, but to also add the knowledge you already have, is amazing. This essay also taught me that sometimes you learn more when you get off the beaten path than you would if you stayed on it. By Scudder taking a class that really was not into Entomology, he learned a lesson that he carried with him for the rest of his

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