11 Septamber Essay

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Adrianna Barney Mr. Sheen 10/6/10 What type of guy are you most attractive too? Many girls just can not find the right guy for them. They try and try but it never works out Maybe they are just looking for the wrong type of guy. Hopefully by the end of this paper you will know what type of guy is best for you. There are three basic types of guys, the good guy, the jerk and last but no least the bad boy, each guy has his own mind status. The first type of guy is the “good guy” , the caring guy that is always there for you. He’s the guy that will pull out your chair, open the door for you, and bring you flowers on a regular basis. He is always there for you, when you are excited, terrified, happy, he’ll let you cry on his shoulder, even when you simply just need a friend. `Many girls love the good guy especially when she gets out of a bad relation ship. They make them feel special, loved, and simply cared for. Ironically many girls are more attractive to the mysterious bad boy. Next is the bad boy they are mysteriously attractive, they are hard to understand and usually shy. But they tend to act out you excessive force when it isn’t necessary. They hate talking about their feelings and usually let them bottle up inside until they burst. Girls love talking, sharing their feelings and sometime just hearing themselves talk. Ironically opposites attracts, girls tend to attract to the bad boys the most. The downfall is they tend to lie, cheat, hind girls, and sometimes even be abusive. But on the other hand they can protect you, love you, and be there for you. For some odd reason many girls are very attracted to the perfectionist or the jerk. The final type of guy is the perfectionist or the jerk. He is the guy t hat will not open the door for you, he expects you to open the door, he will never pull out your chair. He will never bring you flowers

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