10-K Integration Project - Analyst Preparation Assignment

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10-K Integration Project – Analyst Preparation Assignment Applied Strategy Incorporated – Spring 2013 1. Political: Changes in geopolitical and geo-economics conditions. Ross 10-K didn’t really discuss any political influence in the PESTEL theory instead it acknowledges the risks that affect the large retailers operating in the USA. 2. Economy: Ross target customers are primarily from middle income households. Ross stores are mostly located in the urban and suburban areas and since their target is primarily from middle income household, they have a price stability of selling their merchandise 20-60 percent below other retail markup prices which gives them a competitive advantage in the market. 3. Sociocultural: Ross believe nationally recognized name brands sold at compelling discounts will continue to be an important determinant of our success. It is important for Ross stores to have this name brands at this discounted price to appeal to the trend and create more opportunities for the company. Although there are substitute merchandise out there, today’s society still want that brand name at the best affordable price. 4. Technological: Invest in new information systems and technology to provide a platform for growth over the next several years. Their growth in technology is important in the growth of their platform; today’s society is fast paced when it comes to technology. Everyone is tapped into the information and technology highway and in a society where everything and everyone is face paced if the company is unable to keep up they would be left behind. 5. Environmental: Ross has no environmental issues addressed in their 10-K to analyze. 6. Legal: Ross are also party to various other legal proceedings arising in the normal course of business. This Legal

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